Design, Architecture, Fixtures and Construction

From planning to final installation

Chagall Designs offers multi-talented teams of designers, engineers, cabinet makers, project managers, installers and contractors that bring unparalleled services to our clients from start to finish. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and manage projects from planning, to delivery and final installation with the highest quality materials at competitive prices.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. 


We support our clients from the start of the project. We develop the intelligence behind the design by analyzing all the factors beforehand.

  •  Brand experience
  •  Location research
  •  Study of personas
  •  Competitive analysis
  •  Concept feasibility
  •  Cost estimation
  •  Ergonomics
  •  Health and safety


We optimize the design process by merging engineering with design concepts reaching high-performance results consistently.

  •  Design and architecture plans
  •  Preliminary plans and design
  •  Engineer and architectural drawings
  •  Space layouts
  •  3D design renderings
  •  Product engineering
  •  Technology integration
  •  Custom decor, fixtures and furniture
  •  Displays
  •  Merchandising solutions
  •  Graphic design / infographics
  •  Signage
  •  Branding and packaging


With our in-house production facilities and distribution centers, our clients can be assured that their items are made with the highest quality and delivered on time.

  •  Furniture and architectural decor
  •  Commercial cabinetry
  •  Custom cabinetry
  •  Shelves and shelving systems
  •  Display furniture and fixtures
  •  Kitchen cabinets
  •  Bathroom vanities
  •  Custom displays
  •  POS displays
  •  High volume production
  •  Logistics and rollout
  •  Assembly and installation


As a general contractor, our dedicated project managers create a one-on-one customer relationship and assure our construction department carries out the work throughout all the phases of the project.

  •  Construction and renovation plans
  •  Project management
  •  Plans and specifications
  •  Permit requests
  •  Project cost estimate
  •  Budget management
  •  Project schedule
  •  Construction site management
  •  Quality control
  •  Contract management
  •  General contractor

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