With a complete range of specialized services, Chagall Design brings to life turnkey consumer experiences all under one roof with its team of dedicated experts in planning, design, construction and installation. The needs of each client are analyzed and scrutinized, and only the most innovative of ideas are retained, resulting in brand experiences defined by an immersive consumer purchasing environment.


Feasibility study

Marketing strategy

Budget planning

Commercial planning

Research and development


3D renderings

Technical plans and estimates

Graphic design


Manufacturing of fixtures and decorative elements

Execution of LEED projects

Standard or custom fixtures


Schedule management

Quality control




The basis of any successful consumer experience lies in thoughtful and detailed planning. Our team conducts an in-depth consultation with each client, after which a feasibility study is presented. The information contained in the study guides both our team and our clients through the development process, to ensure the end consumer is properly targeted, the appropriate tone is established, and the level of interaction is perfectly calculated. Once the budget is finalized and the planning phase completed and accepted by the client, the concept of commercial development begins to take shape.



Our design team establishes 3D perspectives using computer-based modeling to accurately represent how the space will actually appear. Once the client approves the concept, plans and specifications are produced while a team embarks on the graphic design process. This is what we call the concept’s signature, that which makes it truly unique and resonates with current brand positioning. Finally, mock-ups are developed and drafted which include every detail of the project right down to the millimeter while respecting pre-established budgets.



Our experts in fixtures and décor begin to work on CAD-drawings. Each part of the whole is carefully thought through, designed, and then built. At our client’s request, we also offer the ability to produce original works of art and thus ensure that the concept is truly unique and ties all aspects of the environment together. Also, from a sustainability standpoint, experts in LEED certification can ensure that your project meets all necessary standards.



Our installation team comes prepared and handles all last minute details and scheduling, to ensure on-time delivery of every project. Even when unforeseen circumstances arise, we have ample resources in place to keep the project on target. The installation team also performs rigorous quality control testing of the entire concept, both before and after installation, ensuring the highest standard of quality.